The Dragonship

BEFORE you read any further…… This is a blog. There are no ads, I do not get ANYTHING for your clicks. If I post a link to a product I do not make money. I am JUST writing about what I’m doing with our camper. This is not a “business”…….. Enjoy.

(Last) UPDATE. As of September 2021, after just under 50,000 miles we no longer own The Dragonship. We have gone (back) to a fifth wheel toy hauler with a stout pickup truck in front of it: The Castle…… There was a variety of reasons, nothing to get into here. I will leave this blog up as long as there is traffic. If it dies, it will slip under a rock somewhere.

The Dragonship is a 2017 Forest River model Berkshire 38A motorhome.

This blog offers some maintenance/repair writeups, operational items of interest I have discovered or learned about from other owners, and some of the modifications and improvements I have made to enhance the use and appearance of the motorhome.

These pages are offered as helpful information to new or existing Berkshire owners alike. Where my writings differ from or contradict the official owner’s manuals or instructions from Freightliner, Forest River or the manufacturers of individual components those manuals or instructions shall always prevail.

Following are links of particular interest to Berkshire owners:

The Forest River owner’s forum: (Scroll down for the Berkshire section).

There is an active Berkshire Owner’s Facebook pages, search for:

Berkshire Motorhome Owners Group

Please leave comments with suggestions, hints and tips you have to offer!

Lastly…. NONE of the links to parts pieces and sources in this blog generate money for me, this is not about making a buck. Big data is not watching you here more so than anywhere else. Thanks.

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