Spares and Tools

I’ve been asked if I have a list of spares and tools…. I do. In my head, but that doesn’t help you, and frankly it wouldn’t hurt to have it “on paper” so I can keep track of what I’m hiding in there. So, this is a work in progress started February of 2019, until I say that’s it’s “pretty much done”. For right now I’m going to write down things as I think of them, or run in to them. In fact next week I’ll go through the various locations. I’ll try to group it in somewhat logical categories. As fart as part numbers… I am not providing then comprehensively, I’m also not trying to keep them out. Please check what goes on YOUR coach… it may not be what is on my coach.

General tools…..A box full. If I notice anything very specific in there I’ll note it here.

  • Point and shoot thermometer
  • Multi Meter

Chassis Tools

  • 12 Ton Bottle Jack
  • Lug nut cap removal tool
  • Socket for lug nuts (forget size) with extender, bar and a few feet of pipe
  • Torque Wrench 650 pounds
  • Grease gun with ammo
  • Tier pressure gauge
  • Coolant test strips

House Tools

Operational Tools

  • Tow Rope. Not big enough for the coach
  • Chocks
  • Crow bar

Chassis Spares

  • Fluids…. Oil for engine and generator/Coolant/Transmission Fluid/Diff Oil
  • Belt
  • Fuel filter and water separator
  • Headlight bulbs
  • Driver’s side wiper. A slightly used passenger side wiper.

House Spares

  • Various light bulbs
  • 12V fuses, various values
  • 2 motors for Schwentek Slide
  • Electric step motor