Air Intake Cover

Chassis for sure, maybe a mod, maybe maintenance… sort of. Anywho, I put it here.

The air intake is large enough for small birds or squirellies to get in. Several owners have reported nests in the intake ducting. One owner reported a rodent that worked its way THROUGH the air cleaner into the Turbo!!  Of course insects will get in too. Mud daubers etc. etc. So I wanted to close it off. Screening small enough to keep insects out would obstruct air flow too much, so a solid cover was in order.

There’s a couple of solutions I have in mind that will do the job without fail, but as I was walking through the hardware store I saw these…. Magnetic vent covers. Hmmmm…. Well let’s give it s a shot. Easily cut to size with scissors. Ironically only the brown side is magnetic enough to stay on… So white side out and some black paint.

The adhesion is not super strong so it may blow off, and not sure how well they will do in the UV light. Then again, $7 for a pack of three.

Must not forget to add to LBCU checklist…



And a little arts and crafts…. Just some acrylic with a brush. If this really works we’ll get the spray cans out.