The HOUSE batteries to be clear. Technically I guess they are not chassis maintenance, but they are “down there” and they do tie in to the chassis so I put this here. To be clear, the chassis or engine batteries are separate and require little, or in my case, no maintenance as they are sealed. Check yours.

When the time comes I will discuss the replacement of the batteries here. For now, it’s just a matter of keeping them corrosion free and watered.

There has been a surprising tendency for corrosion to start, especially on the hasp on the strap that secures the house batteries. (The chassis batteries are pretty well behaved in all aspects). Obviously there is some galvanic action and I am in the process of thinking about making that all a little better. Putting a sacrificial anode somewhere, like on a boat, comes to mind. Stay tuned. For now I occasionally clean with water with a little baking soda in there to neutralize any acid and I rinse liberally with a garden hose. Any sign of “cauliflower” is immediately addressed.

As far as watering…… I have never seen batteries use water like the house batteries. After reading around a bit this appears normal. So, water we do, about once every two weeks to once a month depending on use. There are automatic watering systems that people put in. I don’t see the need to spend the money and clutter the compartment up with hoses. NAPA sells a nice watering can which automatically shuts off when the level is correct. Put the spout in the hole, press down and release when it stops bubbling. Fast, easy and no mess. I think I paid $11 for the thing. Oh yeah, use distilled water. If you’re ever on a trip away from a CVS or similar (there’s a few places left that fit this bill) and discover you forgot to fill them you can run water through a coffee maker, which technically makes it distilled. Run a batch to clean it first and discard.

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