House Maintenance

February 23rd, 2017

Winegard Satellite Dish Woes……

We have the SWM3 that it came from Forest River with. It’s “auto finding”, but only when stationary. Quite a few $$ according to the window sticker. When we first installed the DirectTV box (that’s another story altogether) it fired up, found three satellites and bingo, 178 channels of nothing on, just like at home. Then one time it gave a “No LNB Voltage” error. Power cycled it, back in business. This progressed to the point where it wasn’t working at all, and kept giving the error. LNB stands for “Low Noise Block Down Converter” and it is the gizmo with the eyeball at the end of the “stick” that collects the signal reflecting at it from the dish. It’s connected to the base with a 5-ish foot coax cable. Most LNB problems stem from this cable being bad. So, I called Winegard and they told me to get a 5 foot piece of household coax and put that in….. no fix. (My multimeter told me the original cable WAS bad however.) Then Winegard sent me a new LNB……. no fix. I sent an email back and asked if there was a voltage I could measure anywhere……. <<this is where we are today>>


February 21st, 2017

Lubricating the Schwentek slide….. This is the one with the rails on the side of the box. Of the three slides in my 38A this is the one that gives me the most “hmmmmm”. When not on the bags it will move very slowly and sometimes stop. The interwebs are full of sad stories about these slides. So, to keep it as happy as possible I lubed the thing. Found some good instructions from the horse’s mouth (Lippert) here: