Front Hubs

Unlike your car or light pickup truck the front hubs and bearings on our chassis are not sealed and good for life, they’re not even serviceable with a grease gun like your trailer, they are oil filled. And it’s on the list, items 33-05 and 33-06. Check at the first 6000 mile service, then every 12 thereafter. Change at 12, then every 24 thereafter.

Sounds daunting…. it isn’t. But it’s important. If there’s a leak and all fluid drains out 1: The hub will self destruct with the wheel possibly coming off…. And 2: All that oil will render your brakes on that corner pretty much useless. So…. check we do. And if you see a puddle there…. STOP and investigate.

Here’s how…….

Remove the center hub cap. I use a plastic upholstery tool, a plastic putty knife can work to get it started or just use a fine screwdriver and be careful

Now remove the rubber cap in the center. Look very carefully at the plastic “window”….. there’s two rings on there and they are labeled, with an arrow, as the min and max. Mine was a little low so I added. (Min to MAX is about a half a shot glass, so go easy). The book calls for an extreme pressure 80/90 gear oil. Use your favorite flavor, I used Valvoline, it’s a good brand. This is what it should look like.


Note the ribbed plug in the bottom right hand corner of the picture. That’s the drain plug which we will be using to change the oil next installment. For now, put the plug and the hubcap back on, give the wheel a polish and motor on!


Coming soon…… Changing the Hub Oil