Programming the electronic checklist

So, as described on the Mysteries of the LBCU explained. page, you can edit the electronic checklist that appears on startup. Originally I started out with a paper checklist as I didn’t want to bother with the electronic one, but after having made friends with the LBCU I’m making the switch back to electronic.

NOTE: I have asked Freightliner, and unlike your gas automobile of 20 years ago where you ran the risk of burning out the coil, there is no risk in sitting with the ignition on but engine off to take your time and program the LCBU. Of course if your air is low that warning will not shut up so you’ll have to run it to build air before you shut it off again.

With the DRIVING/FAVORITES DISPLAY up, and NO LINE HIGHLIGHTED click right and hold to enter the Setup menu. Make sure SETUP is highlighted, click right and scroll to CONFIGURE CHECKLIST. Click right to enter the editor. What you see now is the list of available items on the electronic checklist. Scroll up and down to each item and click right to place/remove the check mark in front of it. Once done the items with a checkmark in front of them will show up in your checklist at startup. The factory items are:

  • Jacks/Air leveler up. (Jacks retracted, bags inflated)
  • Tow Vehicle (Or trailer. Hitched, safety chains, lights, brakes etc.)
  • Tie Pressure (Checked and TPMS on if installed)
  • Engine Maintenance (Check fluids/air cleaner in engine bay)
  • Antennas down
  • Shore Power (disconnected, stowed)
  • Water
  • Sewer
  • Bay Doors
  • Shower Door
  • Roof Vents
  • Awning Arms Locked (Don’t have any to lock, but it reminds me to retract the awnings, especially that little one up front…..)
  • Counter Top Clear
  • Doors Locked
  • Drawers Latched
  • Appliances (SECURE THE FRIDGE!!!!!!!!)
  • Slides
  • Windows Closed
  • CB on

Unfortunately you cannot change the order in which they appear. Now, at the end you will see lines with dashes. These are the programmable items. Click right to add the checkmark then click right to highlight the dashed line then click right and hold to edit using the joystick. Follow the instructions on the screen. A long and tedious process. Why the %&^**& you have to scroll through every number and symbol we know to get to the letters is beyond me. Hint: It appears shorter to go UP to get to the upper case letters and DOWN to get to the lower case. Here are the items I’ve added:

  • Lights on and checked (Including the dinghy/trailer)
  • Cabin seat belts (Out if needed. We stow them behind the cushions when not in use)
  • Aft Toilet (Hit both flush buttons to empty the bowl. Never had it overflow but you never know)
  • WIFI (on)
  • China (We have real china in the cabinets and I need to wiggle the stacks to make sure they’re not touching
  • Inlets (If there’s a lot of birds/insects nesting I cover up the inlets, especially the engine inlet)
  • Boards (I’ve driven away and left the two by’s I used under the levelers/tires)

That’s it…..have fun with this.