Cable Pass Through

Not a huge project but still. I’ve always found it annoying to no end that the ONLY outside compartment on the passenger side that had an electrical outlet in it had no cable pass through in the floor. So the cables to the lit Santas, fake tiki torches and all that were jammed between the door and the seal. NOT elegant. So today that was fixed. While I was at it I put one in the wet bay too as there is an outlet in there too now (see Wet Bay Heat) . TIP: There’s a metal frame on the underside with a lip that goes in about 1″…. look at that BEFORE you decide where to cut the hole…TIP # 2 the shelf comes out with 4 screws and that will give you better access… TIP # 3…. Wipe some silicone on the exposed edge when you cut the hole and then put a bead on the underside of the flange. Keeps water out of the plywood core of the bottom. (All I had with me was black….lol) Much better now.

Cable Pass Through 1.jpg

cable pass through 2