Queen Bed Extension

Note: This is for my 38A. Different models, different slide configurations may require design changes. Keep that in mind as you proceed:

June 2020

Like most people we prefer a King over a Queen. But, there are a LOT of factors that go into deciding which coach to buy and, well…. the bed lost out. So for a while Lady Kay was suggesting I build something on her side to “park that leg”…. A box with a cushion… It had been percolating in my mind, when I decided that I too wouldn’t mind a little more space. so then this happened.

Extenders built out of one by material. The sliders and bottom board are pine, the “fiddle” is white ash. Stained and oiled. They slide on carriage bolts in slots. Tricky part is to make sure that they stop at the right width so the cushion doesn’t escape. Yes it raises the mattress 3/4″ in the center and 1-1/2″ on the edges when retracted. We have a memory foam topper and two very squishy pads, it all absorbs and the slight unevenness  is not noticeable.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When retracting the slide the bed platform slides over the “box” which is bolted to the floor and stays put. I made sure the bolts closest to the foot of the bed were outside the box. However the bolts in the middle ran into the box when retracting. At this point I had two options…. cut a recess in the box for the bolts to pass through, which I didn’t want to do as it is already not the strongest structure, or remove the middle bolts, which I did. Works fine, but I didn’t take a new picture so ignore the bolts, and slots, in the middle sliders. Saves some work too.


The bed platform is a stress panel, probably luan with honeycomb cardboard core, like an interior door. So you need something to spread the load below. I used a fender washer and nylon lock nut.


So when not in use they slide in up against the mattress, no loss of space. And, they clear the wall slide coming in from the other side.  (Note the heavy metal ducting register. Heavy enough not to need screws and stay put. Looks better and lifts right out to stick that vacuum down there. Amazon)


Tricky part was to make sure it all clears the night stand when you raise the bed platform.


So I happened to have bought an 8″ foam mattress on Amazon a while ago to replace the POS mattress in the lower bunk in the bunk room. I had enough left over to make the filler pieces. I used some light drop cloth linen I had left over to make covers.


And here they sit in place.


From a mostly matching twin sheet I made slip covers. Removable and thus washable.


And here it is all made up.



Haven’t tested it yet, but I’m sure it will be a huge improvement.

UPDATE a year later…….

My lovely bride gives it 5 stars! Me, I also don’t feel like I’m at risk of falling out of bed anymore. It truly gives the feel of sleeping in a King (which we do at home). Draw backs: It’s a little harder to move around in the space and since I don’t want to put my full weight on it I crawl into bed from the foot end. Not ideal, but worth the price. I would do this again.