Outdoor Hose

Away from “shore water” there is little outside water. The “shower” is it. Enough to fill a bucket, rinse something off or wash your hands. What I specifically wanted was a hose that would be able to reach the front windshield while parked in a rest area or Wallymart. As we know it’s flat and vertical and no bug goes over the windshield so it needs very regular cleaning, more often than I stop in gas stations, and there you may or may not find proper gear. You can get the ladder, a roll of paper towels and the invisible glass out, but that’s a lot of up and down. And, nothing gets the dead bugs off like a good rinse with a hose and a soapy brush on a stick.

The solution was rather anti climactic. Having bought the crimping tool for the manifold mod, and having some parts and pieces left over I just made a hose attachment at the cold manifold drain. Shutoff already there…. literally took less than 5 minutes. If you don’t have the tool you MAY be able to fit a slide on Shark bite fitting, depending on how much PEX you have sticking out. Worst case you may have to enlarge the hole a little.


Got a 50′ coiling hose which just gives a good shot at the windshield. Now I can rinse, put some soap on the brush, wash the windshield, rinse again, rinse the brush and presto. A cap on the connection when driving to keep the dirt out.


And…. as someone pointed out on a forum…. this way you can do a blank tank rinse if there is no hose available! You could even have a shorter dedicated hose for that purpose.