Basement Leak

So when we drove in the rain there was water in the storage area below the floor, known as the “basement”.  Quite a bit. Now I have tubs in there. Big black ones, that JUST clear the chassis beam on the big sliding tray that’s there. (Love that tray). The wet areas were in a line….. front to back. It HAD to have come from above. The tubs are 14″ or so high…. nothing was splashing up around the doors that far. And then it hit me… the wet areas were about the same distance in from the side as the chassis beam. So I suspected that water was getting on the bottom lip of the C-profile in front of the basement compartment where there is open space with the fuel tank etc….

So….. time to take a peek. Empty out the compartment and lock myself in there with a bright light in the forward wheel area. Well….(in my best Larry the Cable Guy voice:) “There’s your problem!” At least I hope. Fact is that the Elkhart “technician” in charge of sealing all that missed “a few spots”…. So again, here is the view from the storage compartment looking at the spot where the chassis beam goes through the front wall of the compartment into the wild open….


With a little more back lighting for perspective….


There’s a plastic square “conduit” that sits on the bottom of the channel. It is pure Freightliner and contains lines for AC, power steering, air for brakes and suspension etc. They run from the area above the rear axle all the way to the open area in front. (I talked about them in the Cabin Heat Mod) So this is looking at the gap between the chassis C-channel and the conduit box…


So…. armed with a can of “Great Stuff” expansion foam I went to town. Not as pretty as the “professionals” at FR, but at least you can’t see outside anymore.


And for good measure I hit it from the front too.


I am not guaranteeing that it’s waterproof to 30 feet, but then again I’m not worried about a drop. I certainly hope this will get rid of the puddles in my tubs.

And after thinking about this…. it certainly made an easy entrance for the occasional rodent! So maybe that problem is now a little less too.